Pastor Harry wrote these stories for his children when they were young and thought other parents might enjoy reading them to their children as well.  Each story is set in time shortly after God’s creation of the world.

Story 1: “The Naming”

Two sea turtles are looking forward to a party, which Adam will be giving for all the animals of God’s creation.  They’ve been told that it is going to be a Naming party where all the animals will be given special names.  Their lackluster attitude at what sounds like a boring party changes as the story unfolds.

Story 2: “The First Hunt”

A pack of wolves are learning new lessons each day in God’s early-created world.  They embark on a hunt, which results in an unexpected finale.

Story 3:  “How the Trees Lost Their Voice”

Two trees, Cyprus and Myrtle, were planted in the Garden of Eden.  Their story illustrates how the fall of man and sin brought changes into God’s perfect world and how it will be restored one day.

Story 4:  “The Transparent Flower”

A flower, transparent as glass, is planted with other flowers in a special garden.  The other flowers in the garden treat her with contempt not realizing she is the key to their life.  The flowers are all turned into bouquets except for Transparent, who by an act of love allows new flowers to grow in the garden.  The story illustrates love for others the way Jesus loves us.

Story 5:  “The Squirrels of Chestnut Hill”

The entire squirrel population is doomed for disaster because lightning destroys their winter cache of nuts.  A little, handicapped squirrel named Walnut (Wally) saves the community illustrating that even our best works are gifts to us from God and something we can’t take credit for.

Story 6: “A New Home”

Newborn bunnies on Noah’s Ark learn from their parents how even during times of major change and hardship, God’s hand is still watching over and protecting those He loves and cares for.